Chewbacules Lyrics (les paroles)

Warehouse of Homicide:

My flowses smell like roses
with vocal explosions and mental implosions.
Don't mean to boast it, got cakes like hostess
yeah I'm the best hostess avec the mostest.

Passover haroset, part seas like I'm moses,
take maror in doses to clear up our noses.
It's tiny explosives melt away like corosive
my final prognosis is mental psychosis.
Hooked up to hoses like hospital showses
like chicago hopeses like West Chester dopeses.
It's open till it closes with the ER light glowin
I got flue colds just like models got poses.

Yeah man this showbiz
sign a record deal and close it.
taste it cause I'm closest
I been since I chose this path.
you won't catch me dozin lie-down decomposin
'stead of music composin or writin supposin
my lyrics need disclosin for my house starts forclosin
and the debts they imposin start leavin me exposin

Myself to the elements but it's best not to dwell on it
got skills and strong wills don't do nothin for the hell of it
Don't need to be sellin it they'll be hearin and shellin it
yeah that's how I dealt with it be swell or turn and split 


they call me j-million
they say "we can't get our fill a ya"

they call me j-million cause I'm so thrillin
time spent with me is spent fulfillin
hopes and dreams not hours killin
runnin straight ahead not like the wind is millin

around like the rosie pocket full of posie
ashes ashes fellas in the trees
maybe it was appleseed, Johnny gonna check this lead
let's play detective, paddy wagon PD

I got rolls but I take long strolls
feet so tough they can't feel coals
legs so long think i'm walkin on poles
ask the weather I say lets reverse roles

he shoots he scores like soccer goals
I rack em up like agreement with plurals
agreement with morals, you can stop me if I stole
the words from your mouth like a rabbit from his hole
yo I get under ground yeah I'm pals with the moles
once they hear my rhymes my records are sold
out of options like a beach without gulls
lackin security like a bridge without trolls

Got vocal longevity like Nat King Cole
but short term expectancy, our stay here is mortal
our way of life, for whom the bell doth toll
2012 Mayas predictin ends in scrolls



chorus -

Let's hear about Chewbacules
the long story made short
I'd prefer the whole thing please

so follow me while I speak and weave
the truth in rhymes that I spill with ease

my chatter replete with subtleties
my matters got heat in high degrees
I get it to ya on time to fill your needs
I deliver but sorry no CODs

Sting like a bee and float like a gorilla
my rhymes climb down and grab ya like godzilla
who ever woulda thought that JC from near phila
would come to be known as the hiphop Atilla

Alone in my room I was cookin up poems
little did I know I was soon bound to flow em
one day I thought "yeah this bound to show em"
so I popped a rhyme and started bustin up domes

I resisted the cliches like rackin up ohms
I ignored the standards displayed my own
I had brains at the wheel like the technodrome
the rap world's shredder, a ninja clad chrome

With time came comfort, I soon felt at home
grandma's and critics say "my how you've grown."
my sincerest of lyrics, my colors are shown
I use my powers for good, like David the Gnome
As my talents grew and my prowess came clear
so came resistance along with the cheers
I took critical flack for my mastery
from rappers with jack hidin up their sleeves

It's a mystery how low MCs
could compare themselves with the likes of me
I'm atypical and I speak differently
I eschew all the modes of the ordinary

typical MC M-O is to learn to glow
without serious flow and the how know to roll
with the likes of yo tambien espanol
drop it in any tongue nearby or farflung

now my name's everywhere like xanthan gum
I shout rhymes so tough they call me iron lung
you might have heard about me, that I'm a bit high strung
so give rappers their due and make sure your hero's sung
Now back to the present day, when rap has gone retched ways
when lyrical fetching arrays fade like needles in hays
or rats in a maze who show up strong out the gate
with a blaze and amaze but quickly roll over dazed

keep your head in the game hang on like George Takay
who's in his later day phaser but he's still makin waves

So what about J?

In the present I'm pleasant
droppin rhymes fat as pheasants
I got the flu I'm so blessed
work all night I'm possessed

just guessin you know I ain't messin
from how I sing it incessant
when it comes to my message
you know like tax I'm progressive


Planet Man:

Yo I'm the man from the planet, got wills like granite
rock hard and porous, and drippin with ill wit
like parking lot ill lit, my Avalon ill whip
till death do us split or till drop my next hit

I keep it fresh like chip clip and fruity like salsa dip
I aint hyperbolic: I got it for serious
Rappers fightin for the best fib in the hospital from screamin dibbs
if im on IV drip make it soup with peas split

If it's a beat my heart skipped, an onscreen blip
why your face so glib? no need for an obit
I'm so resilient I rerack like bowling pins
I'll be back so notify my next of kin

got paychecks like surgeons, prepared for splurgin
world wide excursions and currency conversions
drop pounds like dexatrim and pesos like mexican
raidin the money tin cause my wallet now extra thin
they call me the planet man, they tell me to can it man
my rhymes so revealin they tryin to ban it man
But I ain't goin nowhere like 3 gorges damn
time-tested like bebop, rock steady like bam bam

stone age telegram carved into a tablet
ain't no dictionary to tell you to scrabble it
babble fit all the time when nothing is writ
some people just talkin cause they like the sound of it

heavy on the pride and light on the mental
not like me where brains are monumental
Top heavy like John Candy My head filled up
with smarts that come in handy

can talk my way out of near anything you hand me
or drop the gear for an emergency landing
leave you behind pass ya like you were standing
know when it's time for praise or reprimanding
your planet man has just arrived
scuttlin in a shuttle toppin out at mach 5
that's a bit too slow but I'll be on time
you can trust in me I got character drive

just like a novel I'm known by my spine
I'm like scruff mcgruff takin bites outta crime
you know I'm full flavored and I'll never go light
Ya got J dolla on tap? cause I'd love a pint

when I enter a room make you pucker like lime
cause relationship troubles I bank crises like argentine
I'm so sharp I'm dressed to the knives
wherever I walk handfuls of high fives

every tongue I know is tipped with my rhymes
I'm quotiddien like days of our lives
I age like fine wines, commit like high crimes
I create buzz round town like a tree full of bee hives


Chandu The Magician:

Chorus -

Chandu, Ain't nothin that he can't do.

Once upon a rhyme in a land without physics
lived a man sublime who could rock without gimics
people far and wide would seek him out to pay visits
They rolled from every climb and were up in his business

My boy chandu was a stellar magician
nailin all parts of the wizard position
Some might know him as a spell physician
cut you up, close you up, without a thread of stitchin

Now one afternoon Chandu entered the kitchen
to conjure up a snack, he opened up the frigid-
daire, an eclair was sittin right there
he stared at that fare, it was the thing he was itchin

for, closed the door, and got  water for swishin
as he took a big ol bite, and the cream came out squishin
right on his shirt, you know chandu was wishin
for a laundry machine, but he was penny-pinchin
he thought "hey wait, ain't I a magician?
I can get  this out without a drop of tide or shout"
he took out his wand, preparin for the mission
and the wand began to smoke--his powers were glitchin!

He pointed to the shirt and it turned into a frog
he pointed to his sneaker with a flash became a clog
He pointed at his hamster which translated to a hog
He stared as his water thickened up to egg nog
Chandu clambered out into the village
he yelled "what can account for my magical spillage?"
if this is a prank than man it's the illest
i feel I'm the victim of a pillage

a wise man yelled "Yo! Practice chillage!
Chandu, i know who, has stolen your skillage
more fierce than a monster, allergic like penicillin
two tons of evil, it's the dragon bear villain

you must seek his killin, to recapture your thrillin
powers, sorcer, you know you must be willin'
to face the extremes, like temperatures chillin
cold as the pocket and hot like grillin

"But where must I go to catch this fiend?"
Chandu questioned, not an ounce of pity
"You must circle the globe with the illest of beats
and follow your rhymes to the Bacules City
Our hero, Chandu yo, lifted his head to sight
the far distant city with the neon lights
it lit up the heavens even late in the night
and as he pondered his future, his mind turned to fright

He snuck out of town to not worry his bros
and all he could carry was his wand and his clothes
lightning bolt sneakers, lightning bolt robe
and a C shaped medallion of 10 carat gold

got his Nike Airs on to handle the load
and to stand tall on the treacherous road
he was ready for ball if the option arose
he could pass it around like a human lymph node

Yo and this is how my boy set his feet to the road
In his search for redemption in a tale so bold
these are the rhymes and how the story's told
but this just get's deeper, so you best grab hold
a somethin


 Exploseeves (prod. by Wake)

chorus  -
yo wake and me, we mutually explosive
I got a tattoo of a butterfly and it's temporary
on my upper arm and I'm explemperary
I exemplfy hi-fi fidelity
soothsayin with my rhymes and my honest melody

like that that chick from Hey Dude, 38 on the tele
buck up the crude mood with rumble in the belly
chucklin with the tube watch shows by the millies
like chico meets mundo at Chubby's in Philly

They say I look like Cory but I ain't got the curls
change tats on the daily so I can get the girls
It's gotta be butterflies on my shoulders and arms
livin so luxurious I'm drippin with charms

I live this so naturally straight out the Fancy farm
speak it so dastardly my rhymes can disarm
wake ya up from a nappy jarrin like car alarm
I'll get you varmint with my blue and white long arm
Straight outta McCool Junction, attending plenty of functions
chewbaculess is the classiest
playin ugly ugly hippoes with my slipons from keds
take the stairs on tip-toes while everyone's in bed

though I'm a straight up bro I'm better than the rest
I'm a  tell all y'all at my manager's behest (CICI)
that I'm the cream of the crop from rap through pop
the verses I drop knock you down like post-op

I'm the very best still workin
and I do my best work in conjuction

with my boy M. Hettich goin click click clack click
yo the beats he cranks are a plague they're so sick
and WD40 cause his synths slide smooth slick
buzzin up tracks sawtooth sharp like bic

might leave a nick, feelin gooey-red drip
beats so gross and sticky thought i heard you cry "ick"
Mat  got late night aesthetic burnin both ends wax wick
ships jams to the world supplyin art like Dick Blick

Crime Club:
got a leg up like the beast with two slacks
a feast with bic macs and big snack
hold the patty  cause  he's tryin to cut back
trade out the meat for cracker jacks and value packs
heart attack ackackackackack

artery clog can be a tax on the cardiac
who can fight street crime with a  blocked up aortic track?
hop on the nordic track get your legs back before the attack

No time to count the stacks or even straighten out the facts
gotta keep on the move to keep from thwartin the tracks

roll before the danger brew flowin at a nice tack
My personality new every time I get a face smack

So who'm I gonna be soon? Dr Jeckle or Mr Freckles
a creapy ass space loon or a balloon man with speckles
who's in his own right a goon a little waif like Neco
But philanthropic too droppin pockets full of sheckles
If I were a dinosaur I would be a flow rex
eatin up MCs meat-free like rice chex
And releasin CDs at such high rates of speed
and fulfillin such needs per hour I  perplex

Got bowflex to impress, lookin shiny like rolex
don't buy it for the specs or the mechanics it posses
keep it round like an overflowin rolodex
filled with so many friendships can't take another address

Hole crepes! sittin drinkin schweppes instead of leffe
goin deaf while my neighbour blastin French Top 10's
that belong at the bottom of the Seine or the temmes
and which stem from alyrical corporate phlegm

while I'm the creme de la creme, verse polished like gems
and rhymes so evil that they call me lepen
People from every strata sayin "when will it end?"
And I say "never if i get what I intend." 

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